Bamboo Curtains

Looking for a subtle and stylish way to create more shade in your home, but tired of those standard curtains that get dirty so easily? Looking for a unique way to design your room and add that last touch that it desperately needs? Don’t look any further – get bamboo curtains! Bamboo curtains are a great addition to any home, because they add both a little bit of class and a sense of coziness. There is a big variety of bamboo curtains nowadays – such as bamboo curtains for windows, doorways, balconies… Moreover, they come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Bamboo curtains are especially produced and used in countries like India (Hyderabad, Chanai, Cochin, Pune, and Trivandrum are famous for them), Singapore, and Japan. However, many other countries are following the bamboo trend.

Overview of different styles of bamboo curtains.

Types of bamboo curtains

There are different species of bamboo plants, but most of them have green or brown stalks. Most bamboo curtains are made of natural bamboo stalks. Bamboo curtains come in many forms, colors, and sizes. Bamboo panel and roll up curtains are the most common types, but bamboo beads used as curtains are popular as well. Some of them are specifically designed for the outdoors.

Impressions of what bamboo curtains can do for your home!

For every type of door and window, whether it is your patio door, balcony door, or kitchen window, there is a right fit for you. Do you have a gazebo? Consider getting hanging bamboo curtains. It instantly gives your gazebo an exotic, but elegant look at the same time! And, if you are the proud owner of an Asian restaurant: bamboo wood blinds give the place that oriental twist that it needs. Besides, bamboo curtains also can help in keeping insects or birds outside, while simultaneously allowing your guests to enter your premises easily!

Common lengths of bamboo shades are 34 inches, 54 inches, and 72 inches, although you will usually be able to find the exact length you need online. As for the color – there is an endless quantity of colors available, although honey oak brown and paler shades of brown are more popular. Dark grey bamboo shades can be perfect for more modern interior designs (Pinterest is a great source to see some great examples of this). Do you prefer something more colorful? No problem – there are many painted bamboo blinds that can make any space look more playful.

Where to buy bamboo curtains online

You can find a great collection of bamboo shades and additional products online. Pier 1, Target, Walmart, and the HomeDepot are all great sources to purchase any type of bamboo product that you are looking for. Amazon sells a great amount of bamboo curtains as well, and shows you a list of similar and related products (such as rods, rings, valances, and other bamboo shade hardware).

Prefer to buy in-store instead? All of the stores named above are usually able to tell you whether the product of your choice is available in a store near you. IKEA, Lowe’s, and JC Penney might also have the bamboo blinds that you are looking for, and their in-store assistants can answer any questions that you might have immediately. Do you live in Canada? No problem! JYSK Canada has a great collection available, and at Amazon Canada you can purchase bamboo window blinds with beautiful oriental prints. If you live in the UK instead – and IKEA are your ultimate sources to find the best bamboo blinds.


The price range of bamboo curtains varies between 15 and 150 dollars. There are many small bamboo curtains for windows available for less than 25 dollars, while most beaded door curtains are available for less than 50 dollars. Obviously, smaller curtains are cheaper, while the bigger ones are often custom-made and, therefore, more expensive. For the cheapest ones, you’re best off conducting a thorough search on Amazon. Here you can also find a lot of useful customer reviews to guide you through the process. Remember that more expensive is not always better – there are many cheap options that are just as good as any other. Most stores provide all the additional products needed, but always check if you are getting a full product or if you will need to buy some items separately.

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